Privacy Policy

CEO Trading lays strength on keeping the information shared by our users and visitors private and confidential. The uses of the data you share with us will be monitored by our Privacy Policy. CEO Trading clings to the data protection provisions and considers the conditions and threats posed by the changing operations, technologies, practices and restrictions; we will review this Policy Statement and update it with required information with/out notification. CEO Trading will not sell/share your personal information provided to third parties.

What personal information does CEO Trading collect?

When you apply to open an account with CEO Trading, we require certain information in order to process the request. This information needs the personal details such as:
– Account type to open

– Full name

– Contact number

– E-mail

– ID card

– Date of birth.

And in order to improve your trading experience, we may require further information sometimes.

CEO Trading may collect the following information:

– Personal details in forms

– Financial details in forms

– Utility bills after notified translation for proof of address

– Record of trading activities to help us serve you better

How does CEO Trading use information shared by trader?

– Creating and handling your account

– Reviewing your current requirements

– Enhancing our services and customer support

– Providing you advice for trading and information on good opportunities